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Gas and battery powered weed whackers are common styles of weed whackers that many homeowners use, but vary considerably in terms of power and performance. Gas powered weed whackers are great for heavy-duty jobs, but are considerably heavier than battery powered weed whackers, while battery powered weed whackers require less maintenance, they are less powerful than gas powered models. This article will examine the pros and cons of gas and battery powered weed whackers, which should allow you to pick what model would work best for your needs.

Gas weed eater

Gas weed eater

Gas powered weed whackers

Gas powered weed whackers are preferred by professional landscapers, homeowners with thick brush to clear, and anyone that has to do trim large thick areas at once. Gas powered weed whackers have considerably more horsepower than battery powered weed whackers do, which makes them perfect for harder jobs.

Pros of gas powered weed whackers

• Power- Gas powered weed whackers are far more powerful than battery weed whackers are, which makes them great for heavy-duty landscaping needs, and for clearing dense populations of weeds.

• No changing of batteries- Gas powered weed whackers require gas and oil to run efficiently, which means no changing multiple batteries for one job.

Cons of gas powered weed whackers

• Heavy- Gas powered weed whackers are very heavy and can cause neck and back pains with extended use. When I worked at a local hardware store, I would recommend that customers hold the weed whacker before purchasing it; this helped ensure that they could handle the weight of the device.

• Oil- Oiling machinery is not hard, but it does mean extra maintenance, and if not oiled routinely the weed whackers motor could break down.

• Noise- Gas powered weed whackers are powerful machines, which are also very noisy. Using gas powered weed whackers to do regular yard work could inconvenience neighbors, especially at early morning hours.

Electric weed eater

Electric weed eater

Battery powered weed whackers

Battery operated weed whackers are similar to electric weed whackers concerning their power and efficiency, but offer one large benefit, which is the fact that it can work without cords. Battery operated weed whackers work via rechargeable batteries, which makes it convenient, but less powerful than gas operated models.

Pros of battery operated weed whackers

• Convenience- Battery operated weed whackers require very little maintenance, are extremely easy to use, are lightweight, and are cordless. Although battery operated weed whackers have many benefits, they do lack horsepower for tougher jobs.

• Noise- Battery operated weed whackers are considerably quieter than gas powered weed whackers are due to their low horsepower.

• Weight- The lightweight design of battery operated weed whackers make them perfect for smaller or older individuals.

• Great for trimming- The convenience factor of battery operated weed whackers makes it perfect for small trimming jobs.

Cons of battery powered weed whackers

• Power- Battery powered weed whackers due not have the same horsepower that gas powered weed whackers have, which makes heavy-duty jobs nearly impossible.

• Changing batteries- During one-yard working session you can expect to have to recharge the battery at least 2-3 times, which makes it very inconvenient unless you have at least one backup. I recommend purchasing a battery backup since they are inexpensive and will save you a lot of time doing yard work.

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